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answerJam - 3.50/5 from 26 votes

This website is a blatant rip-off of http://www.vimeo.com. I can’t believe you even highlight this on your website.

 Ryan - October 20, 2008 - 11:09 am  

Just because they have a similar themed “illustration” background at the bottom and the sun at the top left? all other elements are so different. the structure is so different. my god. anyone using web 2.0 buttons would just be blatant thieves wouldn’t they

 Anti-Witch - October 21, 2008 - 11:08 am  

This is more than just a similar illustrative design. The sun is in the same spot, the bottom graphic has the same type rolling hills and people (oh they added some animals…that makes it different) and they even have a sign in the footer similar to Vimeo. I’m not saying its an ugly website. I’m just saying it’s obvious they used Vimeo’s design and tweaked it.

 Ryan - October 21, 2008 - 1:13 pm  

There are 2 elements that are similar – the sun and the footer. THe footer is also pretty different – same idea, but that’s it. Other than that the design is completely different to vimeo. Clearly it has been used as a source of inspiration, so the worst you can level at it is that the site was influenced by vimeo.

 fishybob - October 21, 2008 - 5:35 pm  

Don’t quite get where you’re coming from. There ARE 2 elements that are similar but the site is completely different. I mean it’s certainly influenced by vimeo but that’s all. If you can’t have elements that appear on other other sites then we wouldn’t have half the sites on the web.

 fishybob - October 21, 2008 - 11:33 pm  

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