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CSS Reference

Nice CSS reference over at PureCSS.com… CSS Reference

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Web Design Patterns

WebDesignPatterns.com is a nice site with some great patterns… Web Design Patterns

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6 Keys to Understanding Modern CSS-based Layouts

Some nice tips from Mr. Snook on taking intermediate CSS to the next level…

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WYSIWYG not working for your clients? This is new, but I think it has some real potential…

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Please do not Use CSS Frameworks

Discussion about CSS Frameworks and such…

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MySQL Optimization

Tips from fiftyfoureleven on MySQL optimization…

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20+ free icon sets

List of some nice new free icon sets…

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CSS lightbox

It does use a bit of inline JS, but this is super lightweight…

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Prototype Form Validation

Nice, clean, validation with Prototype…

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CSS Menu

13styles CSS Menus are are great starting point for anyone looking to build CSS Menus… CSS Menu

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